• ID: Dancer426765570d
  • Name : Miss Jay
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : RSA
  • Height : -
  • Chest / Bust : -
  • Waist : -
  • Hair Color : -
  • Eye Color : -

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    College: Yes. I am well-educated, partially through the formal education system, and partially due to my own research and reading on topics of interest. Having intellegent friends helps, too. Stupid people bother me.

    Favorite type of music: all types. I enjoy everything from Loreena McKennitt to Tool to Finger 11 to Flamanco.

    Favorite type of book: Sci-fi/fantasy

    Makeup when not dancing: mascara. Light eyeshadow if I am feeling adventurous. Lipstick for a night out.

    Most common dress when not dancing: jeans and a sweater right now. It's cold in MI.

    What I think is the biggest misconception about strippers: That we are all uneducated, big-haired, fake-boobed sluts. I am quite natural, and have never been permiscuous. Most of the women I know, especially those who work days in the clubs, are doing it for a reason: they are single moms supporting a household and this is good means of income, they are students (as I was for a long time) trying to get through college without the aid of parents or taking out excessive loans, etc. Many are very natural, real people who are interesting conversationalists.